100 Ways John Paul II Changed the World
Author: Patrick NovecoskyPublisher: Our Sunday VisitorPublished: 10/01/2020Pages: 192Binding Type: PaperbackWeight: 0.55lbsSize: 8.40h x 5.40w x 0.50dISBN: 9781681926551
101 Surprising Facts about Mary
She is history's most famous woman, with more schools, churches, and people named for her than any other. She has inspired countless pieces of art and literature, as well as the construction of some of the biggest churches in the...
12 Life Lessons from St. Thomas Aquinas
This inspirational reflection on St. Thomas Aquinas's philosophical and theological masterpieces will fill you with spiritual wisdom and motivate you on your journey to the heights of holiness.Author: Kevin VostPublisher: Sophia Institute PressPublished: 10/17/2019Pages: 304Binding Type: PaperbackWeight: 0.90lbsSize: 8.40h x...
25 Ways to Become a Saint
We're all trying to get to heaven. It's the thing we're here on this earth to do. That's why our motto at TAN Books is Become a Saint. But how? It's easy to say, but not so easy to do....
365 Días Acompañados Por Los Santos: Vol. II
Mant ngase cerca de la fuente de inspiraci n que son los santos y sienta su acompa amiento en su d a a d a. Las vidas de los santos, que a lo largo de los siglos han servido de...
39 New Saints You Should Know
Foreword by Joseph Pearce Pope John Paul II canonized or beatified such a staggering number of people--well over fifteen hundred--that many of them remain as obscure after receiving their new title as they were before. If you have never heard...
61 Minutes to a Miracle: Fulton Sheen and a True Story of the Impossible
After a healthy pregnancy, Bonnie L. Engstrom delivered a stillboard baby boy. AFter sixty-one minutes, when the doctors were going to call a time of death, James Fulton's heart began to beat. During that time, the Engstroms had been asking...
A Child's First Communion: And So Much More!
This new DVD featuring Fr. Joe Kempf contains two programs--one for children as they prepare for their first experience of the Eucharist and one for the adults guiding them along the way.For Children: Whether preparing for their 1st or 1500th...
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A Child's First Penance: Joyful Reconciliation
In A Child's First Penance: Joyful Reconciliation, Fr. Jim Deiters introduces the sacrament by explaining how and why we celebrate the Rite of Reconciliation.First penitents will listen in as Fr. Jim talks with students about sin, true repentance, and God's...
A Dictionary of Quotes from the Saints
Overflowing with priceless spiritual insights, this rich collection presents key quotes from the saints on topics that are fundamental to Christian faith and experience. Profound and challenging, whimsical and inspiring, these readings will open your eyes, expand your horizons, and...
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A Mary Christmas
A Mary Christmas completes a trilogy of books about the Catholic customs and traditions surrounding the celebration of Christmas, including A Franciscan Christmas and A Catholic Christmas. This book focuses on the Marian aspects of the Advent and Christmas seasons...
A Newman Reader
Through his prolific writing, Cardinal John Henry Newman guided Catholics to a deeper understanding and love of the Faith, and his writings continue to move and inspire us today. He combined his profound intellect with the loving heart of a...
A Retreat with Saint Anthony: Finding Our Way
In this seven-day retreat, your director is Anthony of Padua, one of the earliest followers of St. Francis of Assisi. Beyond his reputation as a finder of lost objects, much more can be known about this complex yet simple genius...
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A Ritual for Laypersons: Rites for Holy Communion and the Pastoral Care of the Sick and Dying
This book conveniently gathers in one place those rites at which a layperson may preside in the absence of a priest or deacon. Included are Holy Communion outside Mass; pastoral care of the sick; pastoral care of the dying; a...
A Ritual for Laypersons: Rites for Holy Communion and the Pastoral Care of the Sick and Dying
This book conveniently gathers in one place those rites at which a layperson may preside in the absence of a priest or deacon. Included are Holy Communion outside Mass; pastoral care of the sick; pastoral care of the dying; a...
A Year with the Eucharist: Daily Meditations on the Blessed Sacrament
With this volume, Dominican Father Paul Jerome Keller contributes a magnificent addition to TAN Books' "Year with" series. A Year with the Eucharist provides the reader with a daily medication drawn from the riches of Catholic tradition, both ancient and...
A Year with the Mystics: Visionary Wisdom for Daily Living
There's so much noise. Everything can seem like a distraction. Distraction, in fact, seems our oxygen. When was the last time you saw people talking on an elevator? We seem to plug in everywhere. We have earphones and screens and...
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A Year with the Saints: Daily Meditations with the Holy Ones of God
"Those who follow the saints," said Pope Clement I, "will themselves become saints." Their words and deeds provide a treasury of time-tested wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration for the pursuit of holiness. Best-selling Catholic author Paul Thigpen opens up that treasury...
Advent and Christmas with Mary
Author: Dr Mary AmorePublisher: Our Sunday VisitorPublished: 09/13/2017Pages: 64Binding Type: PaperbackWeight: 0.15lbsSize: 7.00h x 4.25w x 0.15dISBN: 9781681922218
All the Pope's Saints: The Jesuits Who Shaped Pope Francis
What makes Pope Francis tick? And why does it matter? As the first Jesuit pope in history, Francis has brought a radical shift in focus that stems directly from a long line of Jesuits dating back to St. Ignatius of...
Amazing Nearness: Meditations on the Eucharist
Author: Tadeusz DajczerPublisher: Paraclete Press (MA)Published: 01/01/2020Pages: 112Binding Type: PaperbackWeight: 0.30lbsSize: 7.80h x 5.30w x 0.40dISBN: 9781640601772
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An Examination of Conscience for Children: Grades 2-5
God knew we'd need help when we sin, so he gave us the sacrament of reconciliation. This pamphlet will help you understand the two kinds of sin, how sin hurts everyone, and why asking yourself some important questions about your...
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An Examination of Conscience for Teens: Grades 6 and Up
Going to reconciliation can be scary and hard, but the blessings and freedom you get from it are precious. This pamphlet discusses sin in terms of severity (mortal vs. venial) and in light of the Seven Deadly Sins. Honest, probing...
Andre Bessette: A Heart of Strength
The story of Andre Bessette, a French-Canadian brother who is said to have healed many and who was canonized in 2010, is vividly told with colorful, full-page Illustrations and exciting text for children ages 4 through 9.Author and longtime elementary...
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