Catholic Books for Parents

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Frodo's Journey
Pages: 142. Paperback. Discover the Christian Meaning of the Lord of the Rings.  
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From Star Wars to Superman: Christ Figures in Science Fiction and Superhero Films
When cultures such as ours toss Jesus out one door, He comes in albeit disguised through another. That's why author...
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Two Truths and a Tall Tale: A True or False Trivia Challenge for the Whole Family
Looking for something to get your family unplugged from their devices and engaged in some lively discussion? Indulge their love...
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OK, I Admit It, I'm Afraid
Conquer Your Fears! In this lighthearted look at things that give us all a fright, you might just discover that...
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Mix and Match Mama Eats
The pressure of planning and preparing meals from one day to the next can become stressful. Shay Shull, the Mix...
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I will See You in Heaven- Cat lovers edition
Friar Wintz wants Cat lovers to know that the Bible gives us many clues that we will be with our...
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Further Up & Further In: Understanding Narnia
Rediscover your love for Narnia, because "wardrobes are for grown-ups too." Well known Catholic author Joseph Pearce invites readers to...
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Amazing Tips to Make you Smarter: Hundreds of Helpful, Fun Facts to Improve Your Life!
Loaded with fun, offbeat trivia and Sandy Silverthorne's hilarious cartoons, Amazing Tips To Make you Smarter will not only make...
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When Divorce Is Not An Option: How to Heal Your Marriage and Nurture Lasting Love
God has put you and your spouse together for a reason and it's not to argue. You are bonded together...
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Time Management: A Catholic Approach
Marshall Cook's practical guide begins with the notion that God has given us the exact time we need so time...
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The Vatican Cookbook: Presented by the Pontifical Swiss Guard
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The Pontifical Swiss Guard presents a book like no other. From the elite protectors of the Popes and Defenders of...
The Second Greatest Story Ever Told
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n The Second Greatest Story Ever Told bestselling author Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, reveals St. John Paul II's witness for...