Day by Day with Saint Augustine
Before he was a famous saint, Augustine was a notorious sinner. He wandered from the faith and, after a dramatic spiritual transformation in his thirties, returned to become a bishop and theologian in the early church. The short, daily meditations...
Let Me Know Myself...: Reflections on the Prayer of Augustine
Soon after his conversion Augustine prayed O God, let me know myself; let me know you. He was convinced that the eventual discovery of God began with a discovery of one's self. In *Let Me Know Myself . . ....
Let Me Know You...: Reflections on Augustine's Search for God
One of Augustine's earliest prayers after his conversion was a prayer to understand himself and to discover God. He came to realize that all of us follow more or less the same path of discovery, a path that begins in...
Reflections on a Dying Life
Reflections on a Dying Life is a series of reflections based on two common themes in Saint Augustine's Spirituality. Donald Burt OSA, explores Augustine's recurrent idea that as human beings we are living in an Inn for Travelers?a hospice for...
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