Angels and Devils
Author: Joan Carroll CruzPublisher: Tan BooksPublished: 12/01/1999Pages: 320Binding Type: PaperbackWeight: 0.80lbsSize: 8.30h x 5.50w x 0.70dISBN: 9780895556387
Eucharistic Miracles: And Eucharistic Phenomenon in the Lives of the Saints
On many occasions throughout the history of the Catholic Church, God has provided visible proof of the invisible reality of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. In her book, Eucharistic Miracles, Joan Carroll Cruz documents 36...
Incorruptibles: A Study of Incorruption in the Bodies of Various Saints and Beati
Continuously popular since it first appeared in 1977, "The""Incorruptibles" remains the acknowledged classic on the bodies of saints that did not undergo decomposition after death. Many remained fresh and flexible for years, or even centuries. After explaining both natural and...
Lay Saints: Ascetics and Penitents
In Lay Saints: Ascetics and Penitents, Joan Carroll Cruz guides you through the lives of fifty-eight lay men and women who achieved the heights of sanctity. These inspiring biographies present saints who seemed destined for sainthood, as well as those...
Lay Saints: Martyrs
This is the third volume in our Lay Saints series. The best souls are they that have been travailed in spiritual business, and find most comfort therein. St. Thomas More InLay Saints: Martyrs, Joan Carroll Cruz guides you through the...
Lay Saints: Models of Family Life
Everyone has dreams and goals that they want to achieve, but the foremost and overarching goal for every catholic, and the only one that brings true happiness, should be to become a saint and enjoy the Beatific Vision. It is...
Miraculous Image of Our Lady
Author: Joan Carroll CruzPublisher: Tan BooksPublished: 01/01/1993Pages: 488Binding Type: PaperbackWeight: 1.49lbsSize: 8.25h x 5.52w x 1.23dISBN: 9780895554840
Miraculous Images of Our Lord: Famous Catholic Statues, Portraits and Crucifixes
42 true accounts about miraculous manifestations of Our Lord from various parts of the globe, richly illustrated with over 135 actual photos. Miraculous statues, crucifixes and other holy images. Includes The Holy Shroud, Veil of Veronica, Infant Jesus of Prague,...
Mysteries, Marvels and Miracles: In the Lives of the Saints
Includes hundreds of true stories of miraculous phenomena in the lives of the Saints: bilocation, levitation, multiplication of food, etc. Fascinating, hard to put down, and helpful to strengthen one\'s faith. This world CANNOT be all there is -- and...
Prayers and Heavenly Promises: Compiled from Approved Sources
A unique little prayerbook of powerful prayers and devotions, including wonderful promises attached that were made by Our Lord or Our Lady to various famous Saints. Includes devotions to Our Lady, the Infant Jesus, Precious Blood, Sacred Heart, Divine Mercy,...
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Prayers and Heavenly Promises: Compiled from Approved Sources
Author: Joan Carroll CruzPublisher: Tan BooksPublished: 03/15/2016Pages: 168Binding Type: Imitation LeatherWeight: 0.25lbsSize: 6.20h x 4.30w x 0.50dISBN: 9781618902351
Relics: What They Are and Why They Matter
Scripture speaks of miracles wrought through relics: a dead man was raised when Elisha s bones touched him, and the clothing of Jesus and His apostles healed the sick. In the early Church, Masses were celebrated over the bones of...
Saints for the Sick
In this intriguing new book, bestselling author Joan Carroll Cruz presents 94 mini-biographies highlighting saintly Catholics who faced intense, long-term suffering and disability with sweetness, peace and love for Jesus Christ. These stories show the triumph of God's grace where...
See How She Loves Us: 50 Approved Apparitions of Our Lady
Mary has made herself all to all, and opens her merciful heart to all, that all may receive of her fullness; the sick, health; those in affliction, comfort; the sinner, pardon; and God, glory. St. Bernard (1090 1153) See How...
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