Good News! Book Shop curates their products so you can shop for fun, engaging, clean reads, for the whole family! Stir in some gifts, games, and movies too! 

We offer a healthier option to reading!!! We are constantly searching the top publishing companies for books of all genres: recent business titles, clean fiction, non-fiction, biographies, crafts, travel, cookbooks, history, children/teens section, inspiring self-help, classics, plus, faith filled titles for spiritual reading and faith formation.  You name it we have it and growing!

If you are tired of browsing through an online store and finding books that are not family friendly, with graphic violence, foul language, or with anti-American sentiments and want a change, then we are your new online store.

Good News! Book Shop, founded in 2018, is part of the Good News! Enterprises which also owns Good News! Book Fair since 2015. Good News! is owned by Lizette & Adolfo Lantigua. It is based in South Florida with warehouses around the country.

 Our goal is for your family to read more, laugh more, learn more, and grow in your faith and relationship with each other and God each day! Our shoppers are heroes who want to make a difference in today's media and won't settle for less because they want their minds & souls to be inspired! Thank you for your support! 

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